About us

Algotochip revolutionizes the development of Digital chip (i.e: Systems on a Chip [SOCs]) by radically shortening the time and reducing the cost of the overall design process. This is made possible by our technology's ability to uniquely partition a customer's C-code into optimized modules that generate all the hardware and matched software components required for a complete solution to an application.

Our Vision:

To transform the market for Development of Digital devices by turning ANSI C code into Silicon within 8 to 16 weeks allowing customers to accelerate their time to market and reducing drastically their Engineering development cost.

Our Commitment:

Algotochip provides the customer with all the hardware, firmware and application-development software tools they need to realize their design, reducing drastically the development time and thus the time-to-market for developed products. When combining the hardware and software efforts required for a traditional design approach, development time can quickly ballon into man-years, but by leveraging the Algotochip development process, customers can cut time-to-market by a factor of two or three, while virtually guaranteeing a finished product that is right the first time.

Our Team:

Algotochip's Management and Employees have global experience and are from various market segments of the Semiconductor industry. In R&D, our Team is representing over hundreds of man-years of system expertise spanning from chip and Software architect, design, development, and test/verification.